Robin Enhorn Senior iOS Developer Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, I made my first few websites during the 90s on a Macintosh Performa 6200, 75MHz and a 14.4k modem, wonderful learning experience getting things done on 8 megabytes of RAM. I have worked with iOS development since spring 2009, as well as everything between SQL-tinkering to frontend-fiddling. I studied Computer & Systems Science at Stockholm University from 2005 to 2009, where my major was in Interaction Design due to my great interest in Human–computer interaction. I like working in diverse cross functional teams where people are true to them selves and are good at the stuff I'm not; division of knowledge is a wonderful thing. Current projects OneNetwork Networking library for SwiftUI.
  • Build simple UI components with one to one network connection to views.
  • Automatically parse to your Codable models from the response JSON.
  • Predestine your network responses during development, making your PreviewProvider implementations network independent.
  • OAuth authentication, with predefined authentications for Google & Spotify.
  • Built for Swift Package Manager.
OneNetwork on GitHub
Classic Navigator Surf the web like it's 1996.
  • The classic MacOS Platinum interface.
  • Tunnes all traffic through the Internet Archive, so you get to experience the old web.
  • Built with SwiftUI.
Classic Navigator on GitHub
Work history PayPal Zettle 2019 - Current employment Merchant facing app for taking card payments, managing inventory, sending invices etc. I'm part of the Design System team. Work has so far consisted of building view components, driving the iOS side of a large design migration of the whole app for user experience consistency between platforms, and a large push for making the app fully accessible. Dooer 2016 - 2019 Startup with the goal to revolutionize the bookkeeping industry through the use of automation and artificial intelligence. I worked mainly on the customer-facing iOS application. The app is heavily modularized and is made up of a workspace with multiple specialized projects in the form of modules; salaries, reports, reusable UI components etc. Apegroup 2013 - 2016 Mobile consultancy agency. Prominent projects I worked on
  • Cmore: Video on demand streaming service.
  • MTG Play: thirteen video on demand streaming apps for multiple TV channels in seven different countries from a single code base.
  • Hitta: A search app for iPhone that helps you find people, companies and locations. The mapping and drivning directions was done with a custom map engine (Esri Maps) with our own map tiles.
Cloud Nine 2012 - 2013 Consultancy agency. Prominent projects I worked on
  • H&M / & Other Stories: Custom theme for a Tumblr blog with social connections.
  • Rektorsakademien Utveckling: An iPhone app with news feeds, twitter feed, podcasts and commenting with a Wordpress backend used as CMS.
  • Logga Hälsan: An iPhone app to give HIV patients control over what medicine they take and when. Includes a symptoms diary and a CMS built with Wordpress.
  • IDG: A Christmas Calendar for 2012 with daily questions. Built with Wordpress as CMS and a HTML5/jQuery front-end with AJAX loading of content.
  • PrisAppen: An iPhone app for simplifying shops to push offers to customer. Worked fullstack on app, back-end (Google App Engine) & front end web admin interface.
Kondensator 2009 - 2012 Consultancy agency. Prominent projects I worked on
  • Avanza: iPhone app for buying and selling stocks.
  • SEB Bank: Front end development on a new website. XHTML, CSS & JavaScript/jQuery.
  • Hitta: A search app for iPhone that helps you find people, companies and locations. The mapping and drivning directions was done with a custom map engine (Esri Maps) with our own map tiles.
  • Vattenfall: Internal iPad app for conventions, built with Javascript (Titanium), Cocoa & SVG files.
  • Bonnier: Laudio iPhone audiobook app, built with Objective-C & Cocoa.
  • Lindorff Inkasso: Both internal & external web systems build with Ruby on Rails, Ramaze, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.